Q. Will your beard balm make my beard grow?

A. No, it will not make your beard grow. There is no magic substance that will help you grow a beard. Diet, lifestyle,testosterone levels, and (most importantly) genetics determine how your facial hair grows.

Q. Can I use the beard balm on other hair?

A. Go for it but the sole intended use of Big Dobs Beard Balm is for your beard and only your beard. It will work on your mustache, dependent on how you style it. I do have some customers that use it for the hair on their head too!

Q. Will the beard balm make my beard shiny?

A. The argan oil and shea butter used in the balm will give your beard a clean and healthy shine.

Q. Do you use preservatives in your beard balm? What is the shelf life?

A. No preservatives are used in the beard balm, at all. The average shelf life is about 6 months.

Q. I've noticed some beads in my beard balm. Has it gone bad?

A. No, your beard balm has not gone bad! What you're seeing is the beading of the beeswax used in the product, it is separating from the mix. This happens because beeswax will not completely emulsify with anything. If you see some beading just rub the beard balm around in your hands a little bit longer than normal. This action remelts and remixes the beard balm.

Q. When I have the balm in my hands it feels a bit gritty. Is there something wrong?

A. Not at all! That feeling of grit is a result of the beeswax and shea butter warming and cooling. This does not impact the quality or results of the balm at all. Just continue to rub the balm in your hands

Q. My hands feel a bit greasy when I touch my beard after applying the balm. What's that about?

A. Like most hair products, the primary ingredients that give the desired effects are oils. Your beard will absorb a lot of the balm as the day progresses. If you feel that your beard has become too oily, you may have used too much. Dial back the amount you apply next time.

Q. I can't get past the itchy stage of growing out my beard. Will this product help?

A. Yes! The tea tree oil used in Big Dobs Beard Balm will help alleviate itch and help prevent "bearddruff".

Q. When are you shipping my order?

A. Orders are shipped Tuesday through Friday, typically the same day. Orders placed Saturday through Monday ship out Tuesday mornings.

Q. Should I eat this?

A. No. It smells good enough to eat, but you shouldn't.

Q. Do you use your own product?

A. Every single day. I get compliments on the shine, scent, and softness daily.

Q. Can I use this on my armpits, like a deodorant? (a REAL question)

A. No. Stop it. Take a bath.

Q. Can I post a review of Big Dob's Beard Balm?

A. Absolutely! Please take a look at the posts on the Facebook page. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the balm. Take a picture with a tin of the balm with your review and I'll give you a discount on your next order.

Q. Do you run sales or offer discounts?

A. Yes, I do run sales and offer discounts from time to time. They will be announced on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to like and follow to stay up to date!

Q. I'm allergic to nut derived products, can I use your beard balm?

A. I would advise against it. The oils is used in Big Dobs Beard Balm are derived from nuts. Your allergies are your responsibility to manage and I am not liable for any reaction you may have.

Q. I'm running a charity event / fund raiser for a good cause / beard competition. Would you will be willing to donate some product?

A. Absolutely! Toss me an email at alan@bigdobsbeardbalm.com or fill out this contact form and we can chat about what you've got going on. I'm always down to contribute to a good cause!

Q. I run a barbershop / salon and am interested in carrying your product. Do you offer wholesale rates so that I can carry your product?

A. I certainly do! Contact me and we can set something up.